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Pistol and Rifle Ranges

Conesus Lake Sportsmen's Club offers one 50 yard outdoor range and one 50 foot indoor range.

The outdoor range is located on the east side of the property surrounded by 20 foot berms and a 6 foot fence. The range has two (2) 50 yard bench rests, two target stands, and tables for gear. Hours of operations for the outdoor range are from 10:00 am to dusk Monday through Sunday.

The indoor range is located in the downstairs portion of the clubhouse; it is a 50 foot range with a rubber bullet trap. The indoor range hours of operation are Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm and Saturday, Sunday from 12:00 noon to 6:00 pm.

Phase 2 of the Indoor Range is finished ... with SPECIAL THANKS to:
Joe Morsch, Dave Luther, Steve Cinotti, Craig Harris, Rylee Hendrickson, Steve Morsch.

PLEASE NOTE.....All targets are to be attached to the new rubber ballistic bullet trap with a staple gun. Absolutely no targets made of steel, wood or plastic are allowed. There will be a staple gun and staples located in the cabinet of the indoor range. Some rules have changed for the indoor range please click HERE for the rules. Any questions please contact Jason Hendrickson at  585-413-8372.

Please don’t forget to SIGN IN and SIGN OUT when using the indoor range. 

Indoor Range
Indoor Range at Conesus Lake Sportsmens Club

NOTE: Either range can be closed for special events.

Both ranges require a range safety orientation after membership.

Range yearly fees: Single: $15 / Family: $20

Conesus Lake Sportsment's Club Outlaw Steel Knockdown Matches

2018 Dates
July 29, 2018
August 26, 2018
September 30, 2018


Click here to download the rules

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Please check back - information on the 22 Pistol Steel Match will be posted as soon as it's available.

For more information about the Pistol & Rifle ranges at CLSC, please click here.



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